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This year’s Omnibus is a bit different from past years. We focus the entire survey on consumer reactions to the Coronavirus and we will conduct three waves of this survey to track how these reactions change as we get past the ‘peak’ and move into our ‘new’ normal.

This presentation summarizes findings from the first wave conducted in early April. Wave II will field in late April/early May after the peak and the third wave will field sometime in late May/early June as we emerge to our new normal. Field times are fluid as we monitor the progress of this pandemic.

Also, this year, we are pleased that our long-time research partner and friends – The DRG – have partnered on this research with us.

Klein & Partners and The DRG would like to thank you for your extraordinary efforts during these unprecedented times in recent history to help our local communities keep safe and informed about the latest developments and the support available on the Coronavirus. Please feel free to use and share these results as you like. God Bless and stay safe.
--Rob Klein, Founder & CEO, Klein & Partners

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