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"research for your brand's health"

A single focus: The landscape of American healthcare is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. Never before has the need to understand the forces in your marketplace been so crucial to the survival of your brand. At the same time, research budgets are being stretched as never before. Klein & Partners is keenly aware of these trends. As a result, Klein & Partners has a single focus - to provide the most reliable, timely, and cost effective healthcare market information that empowers clients to make well-informed and financially sound decisions.

Vast experience talking with healthcare stakeholders: consumers, patients, health plan members, physicians, nurses, employers, senior leaders, opinion leaders, brokers...just about anyone involved in providing, paying for, governing, or receiving healthcare services.

Unique point of view: Our goal is to assist clients in developing, operationalizing, and maintaining their brand strategies by providing strategic and tactical marketing research and consulting services that are designed and analyzed with your brand's health in mind. Every product, pricing, distribution, service, marketing, and communication decision you make either adds to or detracts from your brand's health.

So whether your business issues encompass service line (re)design, market segmentation, patient experience, new market feasibility, communication evaluation and tracking, or brand health measurement.

...it's all brand research.

Core Values

Accountability: We promise our clients to stay abreast of what is going on in healthcare, brand management, and marketing research so that we can always provide the highest quality business intelligence.

Curiosity: We have a never-ending thirst to find out why.

Competition: We want us both to win. Winning leads to growth and growth is more fun.

Conviction: We have a definite point-of-view on healthcare brand strategy and how ALL market research interacts to maximize your brand's health.

Humility: Patients and their families are the true heroes.

Innovation: We value creative thinking and risk taking. We embrace change and have no fear of trying new things.

Integrity: Nothing less than complete honesty and integrity will build trust with our clients.

Leadership: Leaders lead....period.

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