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One of our core values is Paying It Forward each and every day. Alongside this value is our passion to ensure that children have the necessary support to grow and thrive which will, in turn, help to positively impact America's future.

Did you know that 1 in 5 kids in America do not have the consistent access to the food they need? Hunger prevents kids from reaching their full potential. Across children of all ages, food insecurity is linked to lower academic achievement and poorer health.

To help with this game-changing cause, Klein & Partners is honored to support the No Kid Hungry Campaign and the Share Our Strength organization. Share Our Strength has one bold but achievable priority: “We’re ending childhood hunger in America today.” Here’s how:

  • Increase access to nutritious food. Connect families in-need to federal nutrition programs - school breakfast, summer meals, and afterschool meals.

  • Educate families about food. Provide families with valuable nutrition education to help them maximize their available food resources and surround their kids with nutritious food at home.

  • Raise awareness of childhood hunger in the U.S.

Please consider helping support this cause. You can find more information and how to make a donation at:

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