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Financial Strength: Strong brands are financially sound. It is important to gauge how “fiscally responsible” external stakeholder groups believe your brand is (in addition to understanding your true financial position), as well as your utilization share (which is a leading indicator of financial strength).

Market Strength: Even a brand that creates consumer demand must also make itself available to that attracted group. Market barriers can get in the way of creating a strong brand. If you are not conveniently located or if you do not have a strong physician relationship program or don’t take the appropriate insurance or if you make it hard for people to schedule appointments, etc. your brand is creating Market Barriers to use… the opposite of Market Strength. Creating Brand Strength is tough enough without adding unnecessary barriers.

Brand Strength: It is all the aspects of your brand that create consumer “demand.” It is how you present your brand to your constituents and how they experience it. And the three components of Brand Strength include:

the promise: is the actively communicated value proposition that entices trial (i.e., Attraction).

the experience: is the operationalization of the brand promise into the actual patient/family experience (i.e., Attachment).

the architecture: is the structure of the organization both from a brand promise communication standpoint and from an operational standpoint (i.e., How well do all the brand family members speak and act with a unified voice?). This is the internal rules of engagement process regarding how all the brand family members play nice in the sandbox and are held accountable for their team play. (e.g., Do consumers understand what a system is? Do they care? What value does it add?)

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